Thursday, July 26, 2012

It’s just another tax, Mr. Bloomberg!

To ban or not to ban sugar drinks of a large size is all over the news and on the social networks with both sides having their say.  Americans are raised on sugar starting with baby formula, then refined grain products in the form of sandwich bread and pasta, followed by prepackaged foods with more sugar, more refined grains and high fructose corn syrup, energy drinks, sweetened fruit juices, baked goods, pizza, sweet tea and soda.  Banning large size soda isn’t going to put a dent in America’s love affair with sugar.
But, I think both sides are missing the point---by arguing the merits of its effect on obesity they are missing the bigger, more dire picture.  The debate should not be over the benefits of the ban, the debate should be over legality, the constitutionality of the ban itself.  As my brave, Scottish immigrant mother would say if she were still alive today,  it’s gall some people have, to do what they think is best for me.  It’s I alone who will do that and no one else.   That intervention, or should I say intrusion, has to stop somewhere and I say, stop it here!  Send elected government officials and the misguided members of the Supreme Court a clear message.    As a citizen of the republic of the United States, it is I, and I alone, who will make the decisions as to how I spend my hard earned income in the consumer market.  You will not force me to buy health insurance, you will not limit my food choices by telling me what is good or bad for me based on the standards of other government regulators, nor will you force me in the future to buy an American made automobile, or U.S. grain fed beef or prohibit me from the purchase of table salt. 
Although I am a strong advocate of ridding America of all added sugar, my position is this.  There is nothing more important to the sustainability of life than the food we feed ourselves.  NO ONE should make that choice for us.  If we allow this ban to take effect, what’s next, and next and next?  At some point, we may find ourselves shopping at the Agway for human food right between the dog chow and bird seed.  And, by the way, Mr. Bloomberg, why don’t you call the related penalty what it really is, according to the Supreme Court---a tax!

Buon Appetito e Buona Salute, Chef AngelaB

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